Insurance laws are complicated
Do you have compliance professionals who can accurately identify and assess flaws in 3rd party insurance compliance?

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Compliance is time consuming
Does your team have the training and the time to track down every 3rd party and quickly resolve and report gaps in coverage?

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Never invite risk
Do you have the right technology in place to alert staff of insurance failures in real time?

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CERTRAX provides organizations like yours with a complete

picture of 3rd party compliance so you can quickly

visualize and act on vulnerabilities before they

become actual liabilities.


of claims are caused by a 3rd party vendor

Are you aware of compliance gaps in your vendors' insurance?

One non-compliant supplier can significantly cost your business.

75% of your suppliers may not be affording you proper insurance coverage

Do you have the right strategies & processes in place to effectively ​transfer 3rd party risk?

Certrax ensures 3rd party insurance compliance strategies are executed throughout your enterprise

70% of our initial insurance audits fail

Is your staff qualified to audit 3rd party insurance compliance?

Certrax insurance professionals uncover your “sleeping” insurance exposures and work directly with your vendors to resolve them.

It’s time to review your insurance compliance program

Risk is everywhere; in your parking lot, on your roof, in your lobby or even on your computer network. The 3rd parties you hire to maintain and repair these areas bring more than their tools onto your property, they also bring risk. Additionally, product suppliers you rely on and tenants you may lease space to also expose you to additional risk which also needs to be appropriately managed.

Organizations must have the proper standards, policies and procedures in place to offset this risk.

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