Effectively transfer 3rd party risk back to where it belongs


Evaluate the risk generated by all vendor types and develop standards, policies and procedures to offset this risk.

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Resolve issues with vendors or insurance companies with informed knowledge and supported by experts.

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Systematically collect and monitor all contracts and certificates from the full scope of third parties.

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What Makes Certrax Exceptional

Under one roof, Certrax implements enterprise standards and defines vulnerabilities/issues in 3rd party risk, contract management & government regulation.

Does your current process provide complete visibility into the coverages and gaps in your 3rd party risk?

Certrax technology provides a clear and concise view of all compliance issues and successes through out your portfolio appropriately accessible to all your company risk managers.

Is your enterprise risk policy being applied consistently and correctly throughout the organization?

Through rigid process adherence the Certrax specialist team applies your risk policy consistently across all portfolio properties ensuring that effective subrogation of risk is taking place.

Are you controlling costs while reducing risk exposure?

Our advanced technology, expertise and client focus allows the Certrax solution to be a fraction of what any effective in-house solution typically costs.

How much risk is associated with each 3rd party category, where are you most exposed at-a-glance?

Certrax continually quantifies the compliance of each vendor/tenant at your property to measure their adherence to your requirements and reports that information at all levels within the organization.

Do you currently receive regular gap analysis that will let you find and resolve the key problem areas?

Certrax understands the complexity of risk mitigation.  We present the critical items that require a business decision, clearly, concisely and in near real-time.

Case Studies

Here's what our customers say:

"We spent a lot of time and money ensuring we had the best risk mitigation plan in place fo over 300 of our properties.   Once we rolled the risk out to the properties we realized there was no easy and unified way to track the implementation were risk occurs, at each building.   We engaged Certrax who took our plan, implemented and managed it through out our portfolio and now we have transparency and assurance that the plan is being followed at a national level.

- National Hotel Risk Manager

"We gave Certrax 10 buildings to test and they found over 90% of the hired contractors were not affording sufficient coverage for their type of work.   Certrax implements OUR standards and manages the COIs, contracts and leases with all the information on tap to everyone on our team.  The management companies save time and money, we are assured protection and I sleep better.

- Head of Risk Management for Large REIT

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Technology Solutions for 21st Century Risk

Certrax uses advanced cloud technology designed specifically to solve the ever changing compliance challenges that facing portfolio and asset managers today.  We created a system designed from the ground up to encompass a comprehensive solution that is both easy to use and understand as well as inform and train where needed.  Certrax is built on a bedrock of multi-layered security that can be accessed from anywhere using your team's secure credentials.

We designed our compliance engine to effectively determine the cause(s) of the compliance issue and recommend the correct solution in real-time.  From 1 property or 1000 properties, the system will easily scale and automate these compliance tasks while providing a precise gap analysis of the compliance issue(s) as well as the recommended solutions.


Advanced Intelligent Compliance Engine

Designed from a deep understanding of the myriad of risk complexities, AICE makes your job easier by analyzing compliance risk factors and determining the proper course of action.

  • Advanced intelligently derived decisions and recommendations
  • Real-time information
  • Take the guess work out of compliance
Compliance Engine


Communications Center

Interface easily and quickly with suppliers, tenants, brokers via the communication center.  Easily customizable templates that through the compliance engine can send themselves out depending on analysis criteria.

  • Customizable automatic templates
  • Maintain a history of all incoming and outgoing communications
  • Automatic Follow-ups
  • International Support with Currencies


Contract Management

We integrated contract management technology directly into the compliance platform to simplify your life and strengthen the compliance results.

  • A enterprise level, searchable, inventory of contracts, that can be used to compare terms and conditions throughout your portfolio.
  • Review of third-party relationships by identifying categories and potential risk factors.
  • Enumerate and analyze contracts to identify those that pose discrepancies in your risk mitigation plan
Contract Management

Enterprise Risk Stategy

Enterprise Class Risk Compliance Platform

Certrax is a trusted partner in delivering the industry’s highest consistent compliance rate of over 90%. Our combination of proven methodology and technology effectively and efficiently lowers your risk through our flexible and scalable solutions.

  • Execute a comprehensive risk strategy across the entire enterprise
  • Match essential risk amounts to specific vendor(s) types and categories
  • Understand actionable compliance issues from end to end

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