Solution Overview


The Certrax mission was conceived to provide the pre-eminent solution for the broad range of issues facing property risk managers.   We answered that call by constructing the most comprehensive, flexible tool set in existence, strengthened by a method driven in-house process management team to produce the highest and most consistent results in the industry.   Certrax is far more than a simple COI tracking tool, we have integrated solutions for your biggest headaches, such as government license tracking, risk compliance and a contract management solution integrated right in the COI compliance platform.   Your property management team, building maintenance folks, risk managers and legal staff all individually have access to the data they need.   There is simply nothing else like it on the market.


Some systems simply track insurance compliance... not Certrax.   We provide the correct set of tools and expertise to handle the most complex set of insurance compliance challenges for all your suppliers, vendors, their subcontractors, tenants and ever changing construction requirements... all wrapped into in a cohesive all encompassing package from right here in the U.S.


We recognize that many companies already have internal systems utilized to help the compliance challenge struggle.   Most of these systems were neither purpose built for this compliance effort or provide specific tools to solve the myriad of issues that arise.    Using the Certrax Application Interface through standard WebServices, Certrax can integrate with virtually any system in place today and we continue to work with major vendors in the industry to enhance our bi-directional communication capabilities to further this integration and utilization.  


How many times does your team re-check a contractors insurance after the initial project contract is signed?   The Certrax Project Management function not only quantifies everyone’s insurance at the start of the project but ensures every insurance policy is up to date during the life of each contractors work on the project.   This is the window of risk that should be tracked and your onsite personnel should always know who should be working on any given day.


Contracts are the key to the transfer of risk.  In fact, in some states there is no coverage afforded to the additional insured unless it is agreed upon within a written contract.   Insurance companies are also jumping on this band wagon with the inclusion of as per contract clauses within COI’s.   Our Contract management tool ensures Insurance terms are in your favor within every contract with strategic information extrapolated and reported back to your team.   This information is now at your fingertips


Certrax uses advanced cloud technology designed specifically to solve the ever changing compliance challenges facing portfolio and asset managers today.   We have created a system designed from the ground up to encompass a comprehensive solution that is both easy to use and understand as well as inform and train where needed.   Certrax is built on a bedrock of multi-layered security that can be accessed from anywhere using your team's secure credentials.

We designed our compliance engine to effectively determine the cause(s) of the compliance issue and recommend the correct solution in real-time.  Whether you are dealing with 1 property or 1000 properties, Certrax easily scales to automate these compliance tasks while providing a precise gap analysis of the non-compliance issue(s) and recommended solutions.


Managing your portfolios building certificates, license renewals, inspections and code violations is a very labor intensive process due to the fact that there is generally physical paper issued by government agencies which must be tracked, managed, and where needed, resolved.   To make it more confusing there are typically multiple individuals at each building location responsible for separate requirements; the loss of just one of these people or one missed violation compliance deadline could lead to thousands of dollars in fines.  

With Pertrax changes in staff are no problem as new users can seamlessly take over this lost position and quickly comprehend what pending issues need to be addressed; you are never open to a period of compliance related risk.   Pertrax designed a comprehensive solution that effectively brings together all of your buildings’ requirements for your extended management team through a consistent shared platform.   Through Pertrax your data is presented in a clear, concise, actionable way within one system available on any browser or mobile device.   Your compliance data will never be hidden or lost and you will always have complete visibility of compliance from 1 building to 1000.   Make sure your team is alerted before a small workable issue becomes a costly problem.